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There are many different types of nanny positions to suit all qualified nannies requirements. Please read the information outlining the most popular positions available. We are sure you will know what kind of role you will want to persue, however, we are here to help you in your search.

Live-out nannies usually work up to 10 hours a day between Monday and Friday on a sole charge basis. Babysitting can be agreed in advance with your employer but this will be an extra paid service.

Responsibilities of a live-out Nanny are usually to include; playing, education and social activities. Also, you can expect to do children's washing/ironing, tidying up after the children, cooking fresh food and a daily report to the parents.

Usually work between 11-12 hours a day between Monday and Friday with 1-2 nights Babysitting included in their contract. They will usually have sole charge of the children.

Responsibilities of a live-in Nanny are usually to include playing, stimulation, education and social activities. Also, you can expect children's washing/ironing, tidying up after the children, cooking fresh food and a daily report to the parents.

Both Live-out and Live-in Nannies are not expected to perform housework as they are employed as a child carer. However, light household duties may be agreed in advance and must be clearly defined in the contract of employment.

Over the past few years Nanny shares have become increasingly more popular. Families and friends are uniting to share the cost of a good Nanny, and most Nannies are more than happy to work for more than one family at a time.

Nanny sharing is a cost effective way for parents to have the flexibility of a Nanny for their children as the Nannies salary, including tax and National Insurance, will be shared between the families. Nanny sharing can also really benefit children. They enjoy the company and shares can provide them with playmates.

Nanny Share Options are, The Nanny will have all the children from both families all of the time in one house or split between two houses. The Nanny will have one families children some of the time, and then the other families children the rest of the time.

These are some of the issues you need to consider before you share a nanny with another parent.

Nanny Share will work if all the children are disciplined the same way, enjoy the same activities and have similar diets.

Is not yet experienced enough to perform a sole charge role, and will more suited to work alongside the Mother or Father.

They are principally employed as a childcare but they may carry out light household duties such as shopping, ironing, etc but this must be agreed in advance and clearly defined in the contract of employment.

A mothers help will typically work less hours than a nanny.

Usually work 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Some Maternity Nurses will work 8-12 hour shifts either during the day or night for any period of 1 week to 12 weeks, although this is flexible.

The responsibilities of a Maternity Nurse are to support and assist the parents with their baby during the first few weeks, giving them as much hands on help as they would like. They will help you care for the baby in all aspects including feeding, establishing routines, and be able to advise the parents on many matters including breast feeding, helping the baby into routines for sleep. They may help with siblings, but this would need to be agreed in advance.

Maternity Nurses are self employed and therefore the parents are not responsible for their tax or National Insurance payments for the period they will spend with a family. They will have their own contract, and will discuss this and any other charges with the parents in advance including retainer payments should their start date be delayed due to late arrival of a baby.

Usually work from 9pm to 7am for any number of nights between 1-6 a week, usually for a period of up to three months when the nanny will have established a good sleeping routine with the baby and enabled the parents to some rest. Responsibilities of a Night Nanny will include preparation of food, nappy changing, settling the baby for and during the night, night feeds, morning routine and dressing the baby.

The Night Nanny will also be able to offer the parents advice on breast feeding, established sleep routines and many other situations including Post Natal Depression. They will never carry out any domestic cleaning or laundry.

We are now recruiting over 21 year old Level Three nannies for ad-hoc work on a daily basis. You tell us when you are available to work and we will endeavour to offer you emergency childcare days to suit you!
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